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MOD rotomolding is a custom design and plastics molding company specializing in the conversion of metal, fiberglass, wood and other parts or products into complete, integrated, rotationally molded plastic designs. Award-winning MOD engineers help you cut the parts count, reduce product weight, boost strength and add stunning visual appeal with rotational molding.

Converting To Plastic
  Converting metal parts to rotationally molded plastic may seem to make perfect sense in many cases but much more is required for rotomolding conversions than simply making the existing parts out of plastic, especially if costs are to be considered. See this handy guide on when it makes 'cents' to convert.  
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Featured in RotoWorld
  See and enjoy MOD President and RotoWorld Contributing Editor Bob Dunne's columns as published in the global journal of rotational molding.
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Featured in Modern Plastics
  Rotational Molding Comes Of Age As Product Developers Understand Its Strengths, Seek Low Initial Cost

Now that product design and development engineers better understand rotational molding's impressive range of inherent strengths compared to even a few short years ago, they have been confidently specifying the process in ever greater numbers.
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