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In Tandem, Recycling Carts and Containers Boost Efficiency

In Tandem, Recycling Carts and Containers Boost Efficiency

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The 50P-16R was designed to fit three across in standard trailers for maximum efficiency. They also roll on and off without needing to be turned around.

The 50P-16R was designed to fit three across in standard trailers for maximum efficiency. They also roll on and off without needing to be turned around.

Nearly everyone involved in recycling is scrambling to maintain their profitability in the face of skyrocketing fuel costs. In an industry where most of the overhead is tied to the collection and transport of bulk materials, the recycling companies that pickup and process the paper, plastic, aluminum and other materials and then deliver the commodities as raw materials for reuse are hardest hit. Add the shortage of licensed truck drivers and the congestion on the rails and it becomes easy to see why many companies struggle with razor thin margins, even with vigorous demand for many of their recycled materials. Savvy companies are recapturing a portion of their profitability by using recycling carts and bulk containers that streamline the entire process. By using the latest carts and containers, material collection, loading, transporting and unloading move quickly and smoothly with the extra efficiency needed to cut costs from the process. By shaving minutes off of every pickup and delivery and packing more material into each trip, this extra efficiency translates directly into reduced fuel consumption and labor and greater revenue per trip.

50P-16R Delivers Efficiency, Security

The 50P-16R, for example, is a versatile collection cart with a rugged, weatherproof, rotationally molded body that was developed based on the interior width of standard trailers to maximize efficiency in over the road transport. It handles payloads of up to 400 lbs. in 21 cubic feet of capacity but it is the clever cart’s dimensions that have captured the hearts of recycling executives and their employees. The 50P-16R features a precise width of 28-1/2 inches, which allows it to be loaded three across in a standard trailer. This dense packing translates to 11 rows of three carts in a 53 feet long trailer for a substantial payload approaching 14,000 lbs. per trip. Furthermore, the cart may be quickly rolled on and off the trailer without needing to be turned around like the outdated, 32 inches wide canvas postal carts. Since it comes standard with a novel caster configuration that creates a slight yet constant tipping action from the front or back, rolling over curbs, ramps, tailgates, speed bumps and other impediments is smooth, easy and ergonomically sound, even when fully loaded.

Yet despite the 50P-16R’s preeminence as the best-selling recycling cart in the country, it is its latest upgrades and options that have drawn attention from healthcare, laboratory, insurance company and other personnel tasked with managing recycling and document destruction procedures while meeting the tough Administrative Simplification provisions for health data privacy of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA, Title II). To promote compliance and support privacy, the 50P-16R is available with a durable, lockable, hinged cover. As the cart is rolled from room to room, medical documents and other papers are slid inside through a molded-in slot while the cart remains continually locked and the documents secured from prying eyes and hands. When filled, the entire cart may be rolled onto a mobile document destruction truck or into a central document destruction location. Multiple, molded-in slots and internal dividers are also available to separate paper grades during collection rather than during processing for improved downstream speed and efficiency.

Reusable P-291 Stacks, Nests

The 50P-16R is available with a lockable, hinged cover to secure sensitive documents and promote compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

The MOD P-291 bulk forklift container often operates in tandem with the 50P-16R. In high volume operations such as office complexes, hospitals, converting, print-to-mail and other facilities, paper is collected in the 50P-16R and easily transferred at the loading dock into the P-291. Once filled with up to 700 lbs. of material, the P-291 is covered and loaded into trailers by forklift for delivery to the recycling center. Like its counterpart the 50P-16R, the reusable, returnable P-291 was designed based on the dimensions of standard trailers to promote logistics efficiency and enhance the returns of closed loop container systems. At 32-1/2 inches high with a footprint measuring 44 inches x 44 inches, the rugged container neatly fits into 14 rows in a 53 feet trailer. And since its rotationally molded, polyethylene construction, with its ultra-sturdy corners, enables it to stack three-high when filled, the P-291 effectively cubes out standard trailers while packing payloads approaching the legal limit each trip. For added efficiency, it includes designed-in nesting lugs that permit up to seven containers to nest safely for empty returns. The stacks are quickly moved onto and off of the trailer by lift or hand truck and resist locking for easy separation for refilling. To help track them throughout the loop, the containers are available with permanent, molded-in or raised lettering, serial numbers and/or graphic logos in multiple languages, as well as with recesses for RFID tags. They can be molded in a rainbow of standard or custom colors to match or indicate the type of recyclable material inside to further accelerate pickup and processing. Plus, fork pockets, for added handling surety of heavy, granular materials and casters permitting both manual and lift truck movement are offered as options.

By integrating these smart container designs into their fleets, recycling and other bulk shipping companies can begin moving over the road to improved efficiency and profitability.

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