Plastic chemical containers for chemical processing, packaging

MODRoto manufactures rotationally molded, plastic chemical containers, tanks, carts and other products for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. All are molded from 100% polyethylene to resist attack and degradation from chemical contact and clean easily with tank washers and common cleaning agents. The bulk containers in our ShipShape™ line of bulk chemical containers are intended for moving and storing powders, granules, flakes and other dry products by forklift. Smooth interiors promote complete emptying and do not harbor mold or bacteria. These reusable, bulk containers do not rust and do not react with the chemicals placed inside.

  • Some of the containers below have earned coverage in Chemical Engineering, Chemical Processing, Pharmaceutical Processing and in other media.
  • At left, the P-291 earned UN approval for safely transporting chemicals and hazardous materials. Even if turned upside down, the container is designed to keep the cover in place and the load intact without spillage.
  • PPG, Sun Chemical and National Starch & Chemical are among the hundreds of companies that rely on MODRoto chemical containers.


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