Construction & Demolition

Construction & Demolition

Sort, remove construction and demolition debris

MODRoto manufactures rugged, rotomolded, C & D carts and bulk containers for moving and hauling construction and demolition debris. As shown at the C & D World trade show, our ShipShape™ line of reusable, bulk forklift containers holds large volumes of scrap and unwieldy c and d materials like twisted rebar, concrete, brick, splintered wood, tangly wire and other scrap and waste. Sturdy, one-piece construction delivers durability to outlast metal containers in strength tests. Our line of 50P Series, rotomolded recycling carts also handles the same, tough materials in plastic carts that may be rolled around the jobsite for filling and then covered, locked (optional) and rolled onto a truck three across for transport.

These c and d carts and containers are proven impact- and puncture-resistant year after year and include UV-inhibitors for long-term use outdoors.


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