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Welcome to MODRoto Custom Rotomolding

MODRoto offers custom plastic product design and manufacturing with rotomolding. Knowledge, experience and personal service are included.

MODRoto is a founding member of the Association of Rotational Molders and a frequent winner of its awards for excellence recognizing innovation in rotational design and rotomolding. As the unrivaled experts in converting products and parts from metal, wood, fiberglass and other materials into wholly integrated designs with rotomolded plastic, several of these awards recognize plastic conversions for a boat hull, surgical cart, and golf club custom fitting carts. Other conversions include:

  • concrete to plastic for stormwater
  • metal to plastic for swimming pool game
  • metal to plastic fuel tanks
  • canvas to plastic for material handling
  • corrugated to plastic for decor

Rotomolding technology leader

MODRoto is the first custom rotomolder in North America to invest in the automated Leonardo rotational molding system, and the first to invest in two of the Persico systems. This rotomolding machine produces parts faster, with less waste and with far more consistent quality than traditional rotomolding machines. That’s one reason MODRoto typically delivers finished parts and products faster than ever expected. In addition to working with the most sophisticated rotomolding machinery int he world, MODRoto design engineers also use 3-D solid modeling in the custom design stage to show how the custom product or part will look when rotomolded before an investment in tooling is needed.

Meese is now MODRoto

The next time we deliver your custom products and parts or quote on a new custom project, the top quality and fast response will be the same but our name will be new and different. We’re proud to reintroduce ourselves as MODRoto. The commitment to quality, expertise and personal service stay steadfastly the same as it has since the company’s founding as Meese, Inc. in 1931.

MODRoto currently operates 25 rotational molding machines in four facilities across North America and is ranked as the 16th largest rotomolder on the continent by Plastics News. The company also offers in-house assembly services, tooling development, powder coating, sewing, metal fabrication.



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