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Converting To Plastic

From MODRoto, this metal to plastic conversion won "Conversion of the Year." Golf clubs are placed in each hole and the cart is rolled to the golf course or range, where the golf pro custom fits the right golf club to the customer.

Converting metal parts to rotationally molded plastic may seem to make perfect sense in many cases but much more is required for rotomolding conversions than simply making the existing parts out of plastic, especially if costs are to be considered. See this handy guide on when converting to plastic makes sense, or ‘cents’. When It […]

Customers Care About Their Product, Not Our Process

By Robert Dunne I am very proud of our rotomolding industry. We’re blessed with talent, skill and a maverick style that has helped put rotomolding on par with blow molding, injection molding and other processes. It’s precisely because we bring so much to the table that I get disappointed when I see that some of […]

Quality as a Mindset, Not Just a Buzzword

By Robert Dunne Documenting procedural best practices isn’t enough to consistently produce high quality products. Rotational molders need to instill a desire to manufacture to high quality standards. Nothing sparks thoughts about quality like sitting in a plane that’s about to take off. “I hope this pilot went through some intense, high quality training” — […]

Have Rotational Molders Joined the Paper Chase?

By Robert Dunne Developing new markets for rotomolding expands the pie and creates more opportunities for everyone. While some people may contend there is an excess of attorneys, you might be surprised to learn that on my first day of law school, the professor urged each of us to take a good look at the […]

Cutbacks on R&D Threaten Growth of Rotational Molding

By Robert Dunne No one sat down and decided to come up with an adhesive-backed pad of paper. And nobody set out to replace baking by cooking with invisible rays when the ovens in use worked just fine, thank you. But today, you would be hard-pressed to find an office in America without a Post-it […]

Why Your City Needs to Implement the Swiss Cheese Avoidance Act

By Robert Dunne With A View From the Sky, Once-Thriving Industrial Centers Now Look Like Swiss Cheese And It’s Coming Soon To An Aging City Near You I was on final for runway 14 at Youngstown, Ohio and I could see that the once busy airport looked like a ghost town with the exception of […]

The Power of Association

By Robert Dunne If we’re to harness the power of our right to associate then rotomolders need to recapture their spirit in playing active roles as members.

Embracing Automation Should Take the Intensity Out Of Our Labor-Intensive Process

By Robert Dunne Automating your rotational molding process can’t replace brilliant design ideas but it can change the role of our operators while controlling costs When the waterwheel replaced manual labor as the most efficient, effective way to grind grain into flour, it was hailed as a remarkable advance that would feed more people than […]

On the 40h Anniversary of OSHA

By Robert Dunne Safety First, But Confusion Over Regs Confounds Rotomolders, Inspectors My grandfather often took me to tour manufacturing plants in my pre-teen years. I’ll never forget seeing dozens of stern, brawny steelworkers fleeing for cover, hiding from splattering molten metal as it spilled and poured out from a gigantic, open ladle. I still […]

Making Rotomolding a Desirable Career

By Robert Dunne Mrs. Johnson: Class, tell us what you want to be when you grow up. Suzie: A doctor Johnny: A lawyer Mary: A teacher (smart girl!) Bobby: A rotomolder specializing in rotational design Mrs. Johnson: A what? It’s no surprise that Mrs. Johnson hadn’t heard of rotational molding. In fact, the real surprise […]

Recommended Reading for Rotomolders

By Robert Dunne I stopped by my local Borders to pick up a book before a long flight and was disappointed to see the signs that read, “Closed” and “Going out of Business.” Only it wasn’t just my local store, it was the entire chain. Sad irony that only a few years ago, it was […]

Rotational Molding Comes Of Age As Product Developers Understand Its Strengths, Seek Low Initial Cost

By Robert Dunne Now that product design and development engineers better understand rotational molding’s impressive range of inherent strengths compared to even a few short years ago, they have been confidently specifying the process in ever greater numbers. After stellar growth during the mid-1990’s, the rotational molding industry appeared to reach its peak by 2001 […]

Product Development – Streamlined

How We Streamline Product Development Your brilliant idea can’t become the next stand up paddleboard if your product development partners can’t bring it to life in time for the holidays. And your new feat of automotive engineering won’t have a leg to stand on if you don’t muster internal support. To help transform your ideas […]

The Things We Make Define Us – How Will Rotomolders Be Defined When Fuel Tops $5.00/Gallon?

By Robert Dunne I looked out the window at the parking lot of our building yesterday and a Cadillac commercial from more than 20 years ago popped into my head as if I’d just watched it yesterday. The ad featured an executive turning out the lights and leaving a Class A office building after a […]


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