Support food safety with sanitary, rotomolded plastics

MODRoto designs and manufactures sanitary, rotomolded plastic containers, carts, tables and other plastic products for the food and beverage industries. Rotationally molding with FDA-, USDA-approved, polyethylene plastic, these food and beverage products are typically molded in a smooth, single piece to eliminate the fasteners and recesses that harbor dirt, mold and bacteria in metal, wood and other containers and carts.

The durable, sanitary products withstand frequent washdowns and wipe clean with common cleaning agents. MODRoto plastic products also support compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

The P-360 shown at left features a smooth interior with a clever, removable pallet base that allows for easy disassembly for cleaning. Plus, the 4-way access pallet base may be replaced if necessary without requiring the purchase of an entire food container.



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