In hospitality, does perception of clean trump actual clean?

For hotels, resorts, restaurants and other foodservice hospitality facilities, style and visual appeal count as much as top quality food, lodging and personal service. Failing to present a clean image in laundry, maintenance and kitchen operations makes patrons and guests question the cleanliness of the rooms, the linens, the showers and  entire facility. Parading bags of trash and soiled laundry through the lobby and up and down hallways in sight of guests doesn’t exactly suggest luxury and cleanliness.

MODRoto offers a wide range of laundry, recycling and waste handling products for hospitality that hide those off-putting views and keep odors under wraps. Use covered tilt trucks to haul trash, covered recycling carts to collect office paper and fully-enclosed laundry carts for delivering those luxury linens with high-style visual appeal. These rotationally molded, plastic carts are smooth inside and out. They’re easy to keep clean and you can feel confident parading them in full view of your patrons and guests.


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