Case Studies

Case Studies

Enjoy these informative laundry articles and case studies detailing how laundry operators are using our laundry carts to move more linens faster, easier and at less cost.

Nickelodeon Family Suites waterpark and the 100P as Featured in Lodging Magazine

Nickelodeon Family Suites waterpark came up with a clever towel management plan using 100P laundry carts to keep clean towels at hand and wet towels out of the way and off to the laundry.

Rise of the Ergonomic Spring-Loaded Platform

Laundry managers help workers by using laundry carts with ergonomic, spring-loaded platforms that automatically rise as linens are removed for less bending and reaching.

What Is Your Laundry Cart Style?

The 90PSL laundry cart holds large loads of linens. Shown with roof opened and lockable doors swung open and attached to the cart sides with Velcro to keep hallways clear, see it in our literature.

Latest Bulk Carts Deliver Looks, Locks And Longevity Your budget may be as tight as ever but when it comes to investing in the latest bulk linen and laundry carts, you may find some support from an unlikely place: the marketing department. Their job is to project a consistent marketing message that creates value and […]

Custom Molding Expertise Drives Laundry Product Innovation at MODRoto

Millions of pounds of laundry are moved about the world each day with little notice or fanfare. But to laundry industry professionals who pay attention to the advances in the laundry carts, trucks and containers that make this logistically possible, Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. (MOD) stands out in the laundry industry just as Apple, Amazon […]

Laundry Carts Rolling in a New Direction

As featured on the front cover of Laundry Today, this case study details why Maricopa Medical Center replaced its open-air carts with the 72S laundry carts.

Starr Textiles Consolidates Delivery Routes, Saves Fuel, Improves Service to Customers with Slim-Profile Laundry Carts

Textile services companies striving to lower costs, improve service and support safety and environmental performance often invest millions. But Starr Textile Services did it with a new laundry cart that fits more linens per truck than traditional carts and it has had a direct impact on the operation and on the bottom line. Now when a truck goes out, it’s like the company has raised margins without raising prices.


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