Material Handling

Case Studies

Case Studies

Reusable Bulk Container Enables Fertilizer Manufacturer to Recycle Fish Waste as Feedstock

MODRoto P-340 bulk container from Dramm Corp.

Public-Private Partnership Diverts Waste from Water System, Protects Lake Michigan Every summer, thousands of anglers head to Algoma, Wis. on the shores of Lake Michigan to charter fishing boats, catch king and coho salmon and lake trout, then head home with the day’s catch and a fish tale or two. But the trouble for this […]

Weighing and Batching: Material On Demand System

The MODRoto Material On Demand system accurately dispenses measured amounts of dry material through a slide gate valve.

The MODRoto Material On Demand weighing and batching system enables powders, granules and liquids to be continuously drawn without stopping production as if being dispensed from a bottomless hopper. When the first hopper is empty, workers simply switch to drawing material from the second hopper while a lift truck operator replaces the empty hopper with […]

In Tandem, Recycling Carts and Containers Boost Efficiency

As Featured in Material Handling Product News Nearly everyone involved in recycling is scrambling to maintain their profitability in the face of skyrocketing fuel costs. In an industry where most of the overhead is tied to the collection and transport of bulk materials, the recycling companies that pickup and process the paper, plastic, aluminum and […]


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