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  Rugged Ship Shape Bulk Containers Cube Out Trucks For Maximum Efficiency

Quite possibly the most versatile reusable container ever offered to packaging and material handling engineers, the rugged P-291 and P-333 series containers maximize shipping, handling and storage efficiencies. As the cornerstone of the Ship Shape family of MOD containers, they cube out tractor trailers stacking 2-3 high and 2 across and safely accommodate up to 600 lbs. of solid, pourable, granular, non-regulated material.

For smart returns, the containers nest five- to seven-high and in storage, they nest or stack even higher. Molded nesting "lugs" or "ribs" prevent units from jamming together. All are available in a wide variety of colors, and with optional permanent, molded-in or raised graphics, logos and tracking numbers. Bases for rotating-head dumpers, casters, fork pockets and custom options, are offered.

ShipShape™ bulk containers support forklift safety. This P-291 bulk container (blue, at left) is fitted with optional enclosed fork pockets for secure tilting and dumping. The P-333 plastic container features optional fork tubes, powder coating steel running the entire length of the channel for even more confidence in rotating and dumping the container. Casters optional on all models.
Our P-291 bulk container is one of six ShipShape bulk containers that earned U.N./D.O.T. certification for the safe transport of hazardous, regulated and non-regulated materials. MOD engineers developed a proprietary fastening system that keeps the cover attached and the contents secure in the event of an accident. Comes with four, military-grade, side release buckles, and durable poly straps.
These containers are available with a molded-in recess that helps safeguard RFID tags from damage during handling and transport. Its placement may be set for easy reading by hand-held and automatic readers.

The P-333 bulk containers are available with this optional hinged panel that opens while covered for quick visual inspection of contents and also when uncovered to provide ergonomic access to goods for picking and assembly.
It seals closed for handling, transport and warehousing.

Model Capacity (cu ft.) Outside Dimensions (inches) Overall Height
P-291 27.5 Footprint 44 x 44
At Cover 45 x 45
P-333 35 44 x 44 44

Call 800.829.4535 with questions and to order.



Ship Shape bulk containers stack and nest.

ShipShape bulk containers provide a choice of two- or four-way lift access for unitized handling without pallets.

This P-333 bulk container features optional casters permitting product delivery by lift truck and empty returns by hand. The rugged P-291 plastic container earned the U.N. 11H2 biohazard certification for handling biohazardous and other hazmat materials. Rotationally molded in one piece plus secure cover and placard.