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P-433Forklift access is four way with MOD
P-433 Bulk Container

The MOD P-433 Ship Shape container delivers four-way lift truck access in a palletless bulk container design. Forklift drivers can locate fork access points quickly from any side without using their forks to rotate the container, which risks damaging some containers, and workers no longer need to think about how to position the container during loading or how to manually rotate the container to create room for the forklift.

Loading and unloading these forklift containers as unitized loads onto trucks, trailers and storage racks and into intermodal containers is fast and efficient.

The bulk shipping container is rotationally molded in one piece of 100% polyethylene for strength and durability, chemical resistance and near immunity to weather.

  • Stacks two-high filled and covered
  • Nests when empty without jamming together
  • Payloads up to 700 lbs.
Available options include:
See MOD P-433 Ship Shape
bulk container on forklift.
For quick, visual inspection or for ergonomic access in picking and assembly operations, this MOD P-433 container is available with an optional, hinged panel.

This P-433 Ship Shape ™ Lean Enterprise bulk container features a built-in, clear plastic card holder set on its front panel to store and display Kanban cards and/or other documentation for easy integration in material handling and logistics systems implementing Lean Enterprise concepts.
Model Capacity
(cu ft.)
Outside Dimensions
Overall Height
P-433 35 Footprint: 44" x 44"
At Cover: 47.5" X 47.5"
40.25" covered

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P-433 Bulk Container
P-433 Bulk Container
P-433 Bulk Container
P-433 Bulk Container
P-433 Bulk Container
P-433 Bulk Container
P-433 Bulk Container PDF
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