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Callaway Golf Cart

Callaway Golf Cart


Honor Is Par For The Course For Perennial Award-Winner MODRoto

How New Cart Prevents $20,000.00 In Callaway Clubs From Rolling Away

For the second consecutive year, Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.’s American Rotational Molding Group, La Mirada, Calif., earned the coveted “Conversion of the Year” award in the annual Rotomolded Products Competition. The award recognized the company for the redesign and manufacturing of a custom golf club merchandising cart for Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY), Carlsbad, Calif., noted for its Big Bertha clubs. A key element in the company’s custom club fitting system, the portable scooter holds 56 woods and irons and an IBM ThinkPad data acquisition system, enabling Callaway teaching professionals to gather data from each swing and recommend the ideal club sizes with aid from the company’s proprietary fitting software.

MOD/ARM redesigned the club fitting cart to add strength, longevity and visual appeal while guarding against the elements. The redesigned cart replaced the entire fabricated metal and vacuum formed plastic panel structure with a sleek, durable, rotationally molded polyethylene structure able to accommodate the heavy weight of the clubs and withstand the rigors of outdoor operation. The MOD/ARM design eliminated several hundred parts and fasteners along with associated assembly requirements in favor of only nine rotationally molded panels, three injection molded wheels, one extruded tube to protect each club and a handful of nuts, bolts and screws. By eliminating dozens of assembly steps, MOD/ARM increased production rates, aided quality assurance and contributed to an overall cost reduction of 75 percent vs. the original metal cart. The redesigned cart features an aerodynamic, slimmed down, low profile that permits shipping fully assembled in a single carton ready for use on the course or range yet it also includes additional storage space inside to accommodate the computer equipment.

Although MOD/ARM cut costs for Callaway, the skilled engineers added a host of amenities and security precautions that the company’s teaching professionals are already enjoying. For example, to safeguard the nearly $20,000.00 in clubs and equipment on each cart, the redesigned cart requires keyed access via separate locking covers that hide the computer and printer. The clubs are locked into their individual tubes when not in use. In addition, the cart was redesigned to fit through standard sized doorways, permitting secure storage inside buildings and protecting the clubs from exposure to the elements. To promote smooth movement, MOD/ARM replaced a cumbersome front wheel assembly that restricted movement to forwards and right turns with a single front wheel that swivels 360 degrees. A new brake halts the cart when movement is not desired yet remains hidden from view for visual appeal.

Previously, MOD/ARM earned the same “Conversion of the Year” award for the design and rotomolding of a golf club merchandising cart for renowned golf products manufacturer Titleist, Fairhaven, Mass. The rotational molder has also earned “Product of the Year.”

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