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Canvas to Plastic Conversion

Canvas to Plastic Conversion

MODRoto Converts Soft, Canvas Design to Durable, Rotomolded Plastic

Series Of Upgrades Boosts Strength And Promotes Over The Road Efficiency

50p-4-1Ashtabula, OH: The plastic conversion experts at MODRoto have converted the ubiquitous canvas postal hamper into a rugged, plastic recycling cart capable of accommodating 400 lbs. of paper and other materials. Called the 50P-16R, the recycling cart features a series of design upgrades that overcome the old cart’s shortcomings.

The MOD 50P-16 measures a precise 28-1/2 inches wide, for example, with the same 21 cubic feet of capacity, permitting it to be rolled straight onto and off of trucks and trailers whereas the 32-inch wide canvas cart needed to be turned around every time it was to be loaded and unloaded. During transport, the MOD cart fits neatly three across, stacks three high when filled and covered and nests for efficient empty returns whereas the canvas cart could neither nest nor stack easily. While the old canvas cart often crumpled under the weight of its payload, the MOD 50P-16 is rotationally molded in a single piece of polyethylene (LLDPE) set atop a CSX plywood base on six heavy duty casters with one-piece forks. Set in a clever caster configuration with a four-inch fork in a five-inch wheel at the center positions, the MOD cart automatically creates a slight tipping action for easy pushing over curbs and onto or off of tailgates and elevators. The original postal cart often fails at the base due to its flat profile and requires a shim to be added at the center to create the needed tipping action.

The 50P-16 is one of dozens of products and parts converted by MOD. The company has earned multiple “Conversion of the Year” awards for excellence in design and rotomolding from the Association for Rotational Molding.

For more information, contact MODRoto; 4920 State Road; Ashtabula, OH 44005; 1-800-772-7659; (216) 998-1202; FAX (216) 992-4667.;

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