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Plastic Housing: Stormwater

Plastic Housing: Stormwater

Rotationally Molded Plastic Housing Replaces Concrete In Stormwater Management System To Cut Parts, Speed Installation

Now Fresh Creek Technologies Can Meet Lower Price Point And Target New Markets

Pre-Engineered Design Cuts Costs Up To 50% vs. Concrete


Fresh Creek Technologies, Inc., Cedar Grove, NJ, had taken the wastewater industry by storm with its Netting TrashTrap® systems for capturing floatable trash and debris before it could disrupt a sewer system or pollute waterways. But when the company wanted to tap opportunities for its systems in the low – flow (1 to 5 cfs (cubic feet per second) stormwater market, National Sales Manager Walter Trnka knew their large, system designs that are specified to handle the high flow rates of combined sewer overflow (CSO) from municipal and industrial wastewater facilities would be far too costly and cumbersome. Trnka needed a lower cost solution for managing lower flow rates. That’s when he turned to the engineers at the plastics design and manufacturing firm Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. (MOD), Madison, Ind. (

Working with Trnka’s concept for a pre-engineered unit that replaces competitive concrete units with plastic, MOD engineers designed and developed a solution using advanced 3-D modeling. The sleek design eliminated a weighty concrete vault, concrete cover and stainless steel doors in favor of a compact, molded plastic housing that is rotationally molded in a single, durable piece of polyethylene (HDPE), with a manhole cover for access. Recently unveiled as the TRASHMASTER™ Net Capture System, the new housing costs as much as 50% less to produce than a comparable unit in concrete, weighs 400% less and can be installed in a day using on-site equipment, versus up to a week using heavy lifting equipment. It fits pipe up to 24 inches in diameter and can be installed to a depth up to 10 feet.

To help speed installation, MOD preassembles the unit with custom engineered pipe couplings, framing and other internals and ships it directly to the job site complete and ready to install. “The TRASHMASTER™ system makes it feasible for any municipality or commercial, industrial or multi-family residential developer to reduce water pollution without breaking the budget,” says Mr. Trnka. “It’s only cost-effective because of rotational molding. MOD has been an ideal partner in its design, development and manufacture every step of the way.”

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