Custom molding

Fuel Tanks

Fuel Tanks

Our custom plastic fuel tanks offer unprecedented design flexibility. Size, shape, inserts and configurations are based on the product design, not the other way around.

Custom plastic fuel tanks are EPA-certified

MODRoto designs and manufactures rotomolded, custom plastic fuel tanks for diesel and gas engines that are EPA-certified. By using rotational design and molding, the gas tanks may be rotomolded in a single piece to eliminate welds and fasteners and provide superior strength to metal fuel tanks. Our product design and development team offers decades of experience in manufacturing these tanks in a wide range of sizes, shapes and configurations to neatly fit into tight and odd spaces within existing product designs.

With MODRoto, design engineers enjoy unprecedented freedom to design the product first and allow the rotomolded plastic fuel tank to be designed for integration into the product design. Plus, our XLPE plastic material keeps its shape and strength even in extremely cold temperatures.

Obvious choice for marine, lawn and garden equipment OEMs

These durable, plastic tanks are waterproof, weatherproof and resistant to salt and chemical attack. Watercraft and other marine product manufacturers often specify these tanks.

Our fuel tanks help many, national name brand lawn and garden equipment manufacturers power their lawn mowers, trimmers, chain saws, and other gas-powered, garden tools and equipment.

  • Warning labels may be permanently molded into the tank
  • Pickup tubes gauges, caps, baffles and other items available
  • Choose black or natural colors
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