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Twin Troller Plastic Hull

Twin Troller Plastic Hull

For outstanding product design and manufacturing with rotomolding of this Twin Troller hull, MODRoto earned the “Product of the Year” and “Best Large Part” awards in the Association of Rotational Molders International 2008 Rotomolded Products Competition. The awards are the result of a joint development project with NOVA Chemicals, Moon Township, Pa. and Midwest Patterns, Quincy, Ill., for Carolina Electric Boats, Benson, N.C.
MODRoto custom molded this rotomolded plastic hull using a proprietary in-mold foaming approach that imparted buoyancy, strength and extreme stability. Photo Courtesy Freedom Electric Marine.
MODRoto custom molding rotationally molded these recessed grooves into the one-piece hull to fit the foot pedals that control the Twin Troller fishing boat. Photo Courtesy Freedom Electric Marine..

Rotational design, custom molded, plastic hull allow hands-free fishing boat control

Our rotationally molded plastic hull makes it possible for this Twin Troller X10 electric powered fishing boat from Freedom Electric Marine, Benson, N.C., to access shallow water that other motorized watercraft cannot while rotating 360 degrees hands-free with foot pedals to keep fishing without putting down the rod.

To design and manufacture the novel rotomolded watercraft concept, Freedom Electric Marine turned to MODRoto custom rotomolding. Using 3-D solid modeling as part of the rotational design process, the custom molder developed the rotomolded plastic hull as a single piece of polyethylene despite its impressive size measuring 10 feet in length and four feet wide. To deliver the buoyancy, strength and stiffness needed to safely hold two large fishermen and two powerful motors, MODRoto engineers devised a proprietary in-mold foaming approach that integrated several inches of foam within the hull during the rotomolding process. This highly stable platform even enables two large fishermen to stand on one side without significant risk of capsizing. The hull is also UV-resistant to prevent fading and degradation due to sunlight.

MODRoto also custom rotomolded recessed channels into the plastic that allow the fishing rods to be securely set down in the boat to safeguard the fishing reel and prevent the rod from sliding down the boat’s rim or falling out into the water. Recessed grooves were molded in to fit the foot pedals and a sturdy compartment was molded in to secure the battery and prevent water infiltration. Also during the rotational molding process, a ruler was molded in to the hull for measuring and documenting the size of the catch.

The entire hull weighs in at a mere 175 lbs., allowing the boat to be transported in a pickup truck or towed by nearly any size vehicle. This watercraft would not be possible if manufactured in metal or other materials. Thanks to the sophistication of this hull, Freedom Electric Marine is able to offer a five-year warranty to its boating customers.

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