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Poker Table

Poker Table

Custom rotomolded in one piece, Texas Float'em floats on water while the cards, chips and drinks stay in place.

Custom Rotomolded Poker Table Floats in Swimming Pools

New Texas Float’em Plastic Poker Table Deals In Buoyancy, Durability

Now avid poker players can go all in – to the pool! This custom rotomolded plastic poker game table called Texas Floatem is custom designed to enable poker and other card games to be played while in a swimming pool. The new Texas Floatem features a one-piece, rotationally molded plastic (HDPE) card table that floats on the water yet keeps the cards and chips safely corralled. It’s waterproof and UV-resistant and durable to last year after year while achieving proper buoyancy for enjoyable gameplay.

Sized to accommodate up to six poker players, the Texas Floatem custom rotomolded water game is designed with a molded-in cup holder and recessed chip rack for each player and comes with a deck of waterproof playing cards and plastic poker chips. A green, Plexiglas sheet that fits neatly into the center captures the visual appeal of a traditional poker room table. It stays in place even amid waves and splashing in the pool.

As the parent company of Pool Shot Products, MODRoto offers a unique level of expertise in custom rotomolded product design for swimming pool/spa and marine products.

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