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POP: Sheet Rock

POP: Sheet Rock


Skilled Designers Prevent Consumer Injuries, Lawsuits

MOD engineers promote shopper safety, minimize risk and drive sales.

MODRoto engineers promote shopper safety, minimize risk and drive sales.

Careful pulling that box off the top shelf! From 1989 to 1994 there were 17,180 claims of falling merchandise injuries against Wal-Mart resulting in several multi-million dollar settlements. The retailer has logged more than 50,000 such injuries in its database. To help a major building products retailer avoid becoming a similar statistic, MODRoto engineers replaced a dangerous rack and stack system used to display sheet rock with a vertically oriented point-of-purchase display. The MODRoto display permits safe, easy consumer access and removal of the panels while minimizing the potential for injury and product damage due to mishandling.

Showcasing nearly 40 panels, the P-O-P display features a rugged, plastic base that thrives under the heavy weight of sheet rock and steadies the display to prevent toppling as panels are shifted or removed. Rotomolded from cross-linked polyethylene, the crack- and scuff-proof base presents an attractive appearance nearly indefinitely despite the punishment of the harsh retail environment. The base includes a stainless steel kick plate that intuitively aids consumers in removing the sheet rock at the ideal angle for maximum safety.

MODRoto engineers, skilled in working with multiple materials, integrated the rugged base into a sturdy, powder coated steel frame with steel graphic panels and a Masonite roof and brochure holder. The entire display is packaged as a kit and shipped to the retailer for speedy assembly at customer request. “Knowing their assembly needs in advance, we designed the display so it could be shipped in a small container with minimal packaging and then easily assembled on-site,” says MODRoto’s Bob Dunne.

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