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Titleist Conversion of the Year Award

Titleist Conversion of the Year Award

Golf-Savvy Custom Plastics Design Firm Earns “Conversion of the Year” Award for Titleist Custom Club Merchandising Cart

Custom Molder Replaces Complex Steel Design With Durable, Rotomolded Plastic

Association of Rotational Molders Membership Praises Perennial Award Winner

Innovative plastics design and molding firm Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.’s American Rotational Molding Group, La Mirada, Calif., earned the coveted “Conversion of the Year” award for the intuitive design and rugged rotomolding of a golf club merchandising cart for renowned golf products manufacturer Titleist, Fairhaven, Mass. An integral element in Titleist’s custom golf club fitting system, the award-winning merchandising cart enables PGA teaching professionals to store, transport and easily access up to 48 different clubs during the sizing and fitting of custom Titleist and Cobra clubs at the range or on the course.

When previously manufactured from sheet metal with upwards of 20 parts fastened with metal hinges, bolts and spot welding, the merchandising cart frequently collapsed around the casters. MOD/ARM engineers increased structural strength and durability by replacing the myriad metal parts with five, rotationally molded, plastic parts (LLDPE) while eliminating several costly assembly steps.

While designing with SolidWorks 3-d modeling, MOD/ARM upgraded the plastics design with security and ergonomic enhancements. The new merchandising cart, which may hold $6,000.00 or more in golf clubs, features a sliding, protective cover that locks when the cart is not in play. A novel door slides over the cart handle and converts into a flat table, ideal for writing.

The dent, scratch and weather resistant MOD/ARM merchandising cart was molded throughout in an attractive silver-gray to eliminate the secondary painting operation and prevent the chipping that quickly discolored the original cart. The MOD/ARM merchandising cart is designed to hold its visual appeal despite daily operation in punishing outdoor conditions. Furthermore, by molding in the Titleist logo and other graphics during manufacture, MOD/ARM engineers eliminated labor-intensive secondary labeling operations while ensuring the graphics’ longevity.

MOD/ARM ships the golf merchandising carts completely assembled and labeled in custom printed boxes, ready for immediate display on the retail floor.

The “Conversion of the Year” plastics design award was presented at the Association of Rotational Molders annual meeting. MOD/ARM is a prior recipient of the Association’s “Product of the Year” award.

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