100P Laundry Cart

100P Laundry Cart

The MODRoto 100P commercial laundry cart features a breakthrough, internal rib design and steel-top ring that nearly doubles the strength, structural integrity and load bearing capacity of the linen cart vs. other linen carts on comparable footprints. Bowing out at the top rim under heavy loads is virtually impossible.

  • Engineered using state-of-the-art 3-D solid modeling technology
  • Handles overloads to 700 lbs. – even above the upper rim of the cart
  • Smart design and sturdy shelves prevents shelf collapse

Choose non-removable, wire shelves for one-way use or repositionable plastic shelves for roundtrip use. After clean linen delivery, the plastic shelves can be easily slid into a vertical position for use as a bulk laundry cart. The rugged, commercial laundry cart is rotationally molded in a single unit of 100% polyethylene for strength, impact resistance and immunity to water, disinfectants and severe weather. The durable body is set on our durable, powder-coated, steel base as standard. Our poly-steel base that encases heavy-duty, metal inside smooth plastic for extra strength is offered as an option. Rolling is also smooth on industrial grade, non-marking casters.

And nowhere at the facility are these carts more visible to the guests than at the swimming pools. At a brightly colored, cabana-like stand, guests can pick up clean, folded towels from a 100P and deposit wet or soiled towels into a second 100P through a flap in the side of the nylon stand. The used towels drop into the cart, which is set up with shelves that can be repositioned into a vertical position to create a single bin capable of accommodating scores of towels. When it’s filled, a staffer simply rolls the cart away.

Nickelodeon Family Suites waterpark relies on the 100P for pool towel service. Learn more in the full article as Featured in Lodging Magazine here.

Capacity: 38 cubic feet (32 bushels)
Outside L x W: 48 x 28½”
Depth: 54″
Overall Height: 62″

MODRoto bulk linen trucks include six-inch diameter rubber casters as standard. Two swiveling, double ballbearing raceway casters are set at one end, the other two casters are fixed for easy movement and steering. Custom caster configurations available.

Call 800.829.4535 for specs and to order.

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