102P Laundry Cart

102P Laundry Cart

The MODRoto 102P bulk linen cart features a breakthrough shelf conversion system that enables one person to switch the shelves from its horizontal clean linen delivery position to its vertical soiled linen return position without removing the shelves. Anyone in the housekeeping department can quickly and easily convert the two shelves in a few seconds.

This non-removable linen cart shelf system eliminates the need to match stray shelves to their carts and eliminates the chance that the shelves could be lost or left on-site.

Its 24-inch, narrow profile fits up to four across in many trailers and box trucks. It makes efficient use of every inch of space to deliver and return more goods per trip and/or deliver and return the same amount of goods in fewer trips for massive savings in fuel and labor.

The rugged 102P laundry truck is rotationally molded in a single unit of polyethylene. No welds. No fasteners to burst under the weight. The low-maintenance design is engineered to last for years without a visit to the repair shop.

  • Payloads to 800 lbs.
  • Weatherproof (optional covers, too)
  • Automatic cart washer/dryer-friendly
  • Industrial grade casters
  • Costs less than metal carts
  • Powder-coated, steel base


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See how Starr Textiles cut routes and cut costs by switching to the 102P

As featured in Textile Services

The 102P “roundtripper” bulk linen cart was developed with a slim profile to maximize the use of space on delivery trucks and trailers. Just 24 inches wide yet with a 38-bushel capacity, the 102P can fit four across on standard trucks and trailers, which typically span 102 inches wide. Most other types of linen carts can fit only three across and leave a substantial volume of empty space to be hauled. Starr’s Steve Florence fits fifty-two of these MODRoto 102P’s into his 53-foot trailers versus of 46 of the older carts and fits 26 102P’s on his 26-foot box trucks versus 20 of the older carts. For a typical cart loaded with hospitality linens, this translates to an increase of about 1,500 pounds per day. “We can fit more tonnage per truck with these carts, says Florence. “It’s a pretty simple concept.” In fact, Florence calculates the fuel cost alone to deliver using the MODRoto 102 to one hotel client is $.051 per pound compared to $.063 per pound using the older carts. “Every time a truck goes out, it’s like we’ve raised our margins without having to raise prices,” says Florence. Read the whole story here.

Capacity: 38 Cu. Ft./32 BU.
Outside Dimensions
Length: 48″
Width: 24″
Depth: 65″
Overall Height: 72.75″

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