39 Series Utility Carts

39 Series Utility Carts

At the Museum of Science in Boston, MA, these 39 Series utility trucks corral and organize belongings for school trips and other tour groups.

Our 39 Series plastic utility carts are the multi-purpose workhorses at laundries, hospitals, hotels, health clubs, aquatics facilities, industrial facilities and everywhere waterproof durability and versatility are needed. These utility trucks feature a rotomolded, one-piece, plastic bin with a rounded, roll-top, safety rim set atop a galvanized metal base or pan base with hard rubber, 3-inch, industrial-strength casters.

The entire line of eight different sizes may be fitted with our signature, spring-loaded, ergonomic platform that rises as goods are removed to keep work positioned at the right height and reduce bending and reaching. Our spring platform encases smooth, waterproof vinyl around a rigid, plywood platform to handle heavy products such as wet laundry, leather and more.

All of the 39 series utility carts nest when empty for space-saving storage and transport.

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