Poly-Steel Cart Base

Poly-Steel Cart Base

Our proprietary, full-perimeter laundry cart base delivers the rigidity of plywood and the load bearing strength of steel with a smooth exterior that helps safeguard walls and workers from sharp, metal bases and splintered, rotting, wooden bases.

This signature poly-steel cart base encases steel inside 100% waterproof, smooth, polyethylene plastic. It withstands collisions with walls, tailgates and curbs without crumpling or breaking. And it’s immune to water and chemical cleaning agents. Leave it in the rain or roll it through an automatic cart washer – no rust, corrosion or deterioration of any kind.

The new base is offered as an optional feature on the following cart types:









MODRoto 50P Series carts like this 50P-16 set a rugged, rotomolded, plastic bin atop our signature, poly-steel base and industrial-strength casters. Rotomolded cover optional.

Or retrofit it on your existing carts to multiply the lifespan of your fleet. Comes in black and in custom colors in quantity. Call to see if your aging carts can be renewed with our poly-steel base.

Call 800.829.4535 for specs and to order.

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