Spring-Loaded Ergonomics

Spring-Loaded Ergonomics

MODRoto offers its signature spring-loaded, ergonomic platform on a wide variety of laundry carts, utility trucks and baskets.
54P-40E shown with optional ergonomic cutaway and spring-loaded platform.
These spring-loaded, Poly-Trux 28P-16 laundry trucks ease the workload in laundry sling system operations.

Spring-loaded laundry carts from MODRoto promote ergonomic positioning of linens, laundry, textiles and other goods for easy, safe access to materials with less bending and reaching. The platform sinks down as goods are added and rises up automatically as goods are removed. Virtually any type of MODRoto laundry cart, container, utility cart, basket truck or hamper may be offered with our spring-loaded platform.

Our signature, ergonomic spring platform is rotationally molded from 100% waterproof polyethylene plastic to thrive with wet or dry products. This clever approach hides the spring mechanism under the platform to prevent contact with workers and linens. A companion, optional vinyl liner sized to each laundry cart may be added to ensure linens stay safely on top of the spring platform.

Depending on cart style and size, some utility carts and basket trucks may feature our rigid plywood spring-loaded platform encased in waterproof vinyl.

See this laundry video for a revealing cutaway view of our laundry cart to demonstrate how our durable, plastic, ergonomic platform sinks under weight then automatically rises to reduce the need to reach into the bottom of the flare truck.

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Learn more about how our spring-loaded laundry carts work, the different types available, how they prevent back strain and what consider before buying in, “Rise of the Spring-Loaded Platform” from American Laundry News.

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