Material handling

50P-12 Utility Cart

50P-12 Utility Cart

In the warehouse, over the road, this compact material handling cart just rolls with it

The durable Poly-Trux® 50P-12 material handling cart features a rotationally molded, plastic bin set atop our durable, metal cart base and four industrial-strength casters as standard. The versatile, waterproof, utility truck handles wet and dry materials and is commonly used for material handling, assembly operations, plant maintenance and more.

Outside the plant, the 50P-12 utility truck fits neatly three across in standard box trucks and trailers to maximize space efficiency during over the road transportation. Its width measures a precise 24-1/2” and can be rolled straight onto and straight off of the trailers without being turned around. Outdated, 32” wide canvas postal carts still require unwieldy turns and awkward rotations to unload.

  • Handles large payloads to 500 lbs.
  • Rotationally molded of weatherproof polyethylene in a single unit
  • Optional poly-steel cart base – smooth plastic outside encasing sturdy metal
  • Four industrial-strength, swiveling, 5-inch casters
  • Optional locks, covers and colors

The 50P series utility trucks come in a choice of three sizes:

  • 50P-12: 11 bushel capacity
  • 50P-14:  16 bushel capacity
  • 50P-16:  18 bushel capacity

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Capacity (bushels): 11
Outside Dimensions (inches): 35.5 x 24.5
Overall Height (inches): 35

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