Material handling

54P Series Utility Carts

54P Series Utility Carts

Our 54P-40E features an optional side cutaway and spring-loaded platform that rises as items are removed. It's the ergonomic choice for keeping productivity high and lost sick days low.

Oversized, high-capacity material handling carts in wide choice of sizes

The extensive line of 54P Series material handling carts features rotationally molded, waterproof, plastic bins set atop sturdy bases on industrial-strength casters that hold up to heavy loads and roll easily. These large, industrial carts are frequently used for assembly operations, collecting scrap, and moving heavy or long items like machine parts, maintenance tools and wet laundry. This cart series offers long, low-profile carts that keep a low center of gravity for safer, more ergonomic moving and handling.

  • Carts rotationally molded of weatherproof polyethylene in a single unit
  • Powder-coated, steel base
  • Industrial-strength, swiveling casters
  • Optional locks, covers and custom colors

The 54P series material handling carts come in a choice of six sizes:

  • 54P-16: 16 bushel capacity
  • 54P-18: 18 bushel capacity
  • 54P-20: 20 bushel capacity
  • 54P-26: 27 bushel capacity
  • 54P-40: 32 bushel capacity
  • 54P-47: 47 bushel capacity

Extra ergonomics, please

The 54P Series carts are available with optional, spring-loaded platforms that rise as items are removed. This ergonomic innovation helps keep work positioned at just the right height. Our signature design hides the spring mechanism underneath a rigid platform to prevent contact with workers and items.

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