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Dry Hopper Container

Dry Hopper Container

Dispense measured amounts of dry products with ease and accuracy

Our patent-pending, Powder-Saver dry hopper container stores dry products in a proprietary hopper and dispenses the powders in accurate, measured amounts through a slide gate valve. Precise batches and shots put an end to material waste. The hopper cone is designed at the ideal angle to promote smooth discharge and complete emptying without clogging the discharge valve. Molded-in fill level indicators alert workers when the right amount has been dispensed and when the hopper needs to refilled or replaced with new material.

About that base – squared

The dry hopper is set inside a companion, squared, forkliftable, stability base that allows the conical, dry hopper to be stacked and racked when covered for storage or in transport. This clever unit makes moving, storing and dispensing dry powders, granules and flakes far easier and cleaner than using bulk bags, flexible IBC’s or corrugated boxes.

The hopper, cover and removable base are rotationally molded from 100% waterproof, chemical-resistant, polyethylene plastic. The dry hopper container comes with the hopper, cover, base and dispensing valve in a choice of valve options.

Powder-Saver dry products container featured on front cover of Powder/Bulk Solids

As published: The new MODRoto Material On Demand weighing and batching system enables powders, granules and liquids to be continuously drawn without stopping production as if being dispensed from a bottomless hopper. When the first hopper is empty, workers simply switch to drawing material from the second hopper while a lift truck operator replaces the empty hopper with a new, fully loaded hopper.

Energy Savings
Idle machinery due to a lack of on hand material is eliminated. By eliminating downtime for stoppages and keeping production running, this system also enables plastics, food, beverage and other processors to maintain the high temperature of their machinery without risk of cooling during downtime. Direct savings in reduced energy use are substantial.

Quality Control
The MODRoto Material On Demand system includes a designed-in weighing and batching assembly. To dispense an exact, measured shot weight, a scale is set under the dispensing valve. Operators open the valve and dispense material into a small bin and shut the valve when the scale reads the desired weight. By ensuring the exact amount of material is dispensed and loaded without spillage, this system cuts material waste, promotes product quality and reduces reject rates. The potential for costly reruns due to under filling the mold – in the case of plastics – or due to contamination is virtually eliminated.

The scale is also set atop conveyor rollers to permit the filled container to be rolled forward during removal and reduce the potential for ergonomic lifting issues.

Comes Complete
The MODRoto Material On Demand system includes:

  • durable, plastic (HDPE) forkliftable hoppers with 800 lb. capacity (2)
  • hopper lids (2)
  • powder coated steel racking
  • roller conveyor (2)
  • Ohaus scale (2)
  • MODRoto custom dispensing valve (2)

Larger versions with three or more hoppers available. 

Call 800.829.4535 for specs and to order.

“Our material yield due to less waste increased by over 5 percent within weeks of installing this Material On Demand system.”– Bob Dunne, President, MODRoto
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