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P-291 Shipping Container

P-291 Shipping Container

Our P-291 shipping container stacks when covered, nests when empty, and is available in a variety of colors.

Rugged, P-291 Ship Shape Shipping Container Cubes Out Trucks For Maximum Efficiency

Quite possibly the most versatile reusable shipping container ever offered to packaging and material handling engineers, the rugged P-291 bulk container maximizes shipping, handling and storage efficiencies. As the cornerstone of the ShipShape family of MODRoto containers, they cube out tractor trailers stacking 2-3 high and 2 across and safely accommodate large loads of solid, pourable, granular, non-regulated material.

For smart returns, the containers nest five- to seven-high and in storage, they nest or stack even higher. Molded nesting “lugs” or “ribs” prevent units from jamming together.

Rotomolded Shipping Container

The P-291 shipping container is rotationally molded in a single piece of 100% polyethylene plastic (choice of LDPE or HDPE) for superior strength, chemical resistance and long-term durability. Outside, the container is waterproof and withstands typical impacts in a warehouse or on a trailer. Inside, the P-291 reusable container is smooth to promote complete dumping and emptying.

Roll with Clever Custom Options

The P-291 rotationally molded plastic shipping container is available in a wide variety of colors, and with optional permanent, molded-in or raised graphics, logos and tracking numbers. Bases for rotating-head dumpers, industrial-strength casters, fork pockets and other custom options, are offered.

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Capacity (cu ft.): 27.5
Outside Dimensions (inches): Footprint 44 x 44, At Cover 45 x 45
Overall Height: 33

Call 800.829.4535 for specs and to order.

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