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P-341Bulk Container

P-341Bulk Container

This is the container that container dumpers want

The P-341 ShipShape bulk container features molded projections on two sides that help container dumpers establish a firm, non-slip grip and maintain the secure hold while rotating up to 180 degrees.  Discharge the contents completely every time. It suits a wide variety of dumping machines and may be custom designed to suit virtually any type of container dumper or application.

Use this container in automated and manual material handling systems where safety and efficiency are paramount. The durable container is rotationally molded from 100% polyethylene to withstand repeated filling with sharp, heavy and hard products without cracking, chipping or discoloring. The smooth-contoured interior promotes complete emptying and easy cleaning.

      • Two-way lift access
      • Tilt/dump plates optional
      • Stacks covered, nests when empty
      • Rotomolded in single piece for superior strength, impact resistance

Now, in extra heavy-duty

For payloads to 2,000 lbs., choose the extra heavy-duty P-341. It includes the same side projections that help container dumpers and features a steel reinforcing support around the top perimeter of the bulk container.


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Capacity (cu ft.): 33.4
Outside Dimensions (inches): 47 x 47
Overall Height (inches): 44.25″ covered

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