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P-360 Sanitary Container

P-360 Sanitary Container

Our P-360 features a durable, plastic base that may be removed for cleaning or for replacement without replacing the entire sanitary container.

Sanitary container delivers food safety

The P-360 sanitary bulk container features an all-plastic, no-metal design that helps protect the food supply. It cannot corrode or rust. It eliminates the potential for cross-contamination among chicken, geese, duck, turkey, fish, beef, produce and other food products. It’s ideal for sanitary storage and secure transport throughout any processing facility loop. Our P-360 is rotationally molded in a rugged, USDA/FDA-approved construction of high density polyethylene (HDPE). The smooth plastic is easy to clean and immune to attack from cleansers, salts, water and other chemicals for washdown.

The sanitary container has no internal pockets, dimples or reservoirs. Liquids drain fully. It does not harbor bacteria. Manual cleaning and automated washdowns are easy while the potential for buildup of liquid contaminants is nearly eliminated. The smooth, flat interior also minimizes bruising to the food products to maintain food product quality throughout the supply chain.

The sanitary container comes with a plastic top cover and long-wearing pallet base. All are rotomolded in one piece from 100% waterproof polyethylene for strength and durability. The base attaches to the container with threaded, sanitary, plastic bolts. It may be quickly removed by one person for easy cleaning or for replacement without having to replace the entire sanitary container. As a ShipShape bulk container, the P-360 cubes out tractor trailers to use as much space as possible and save on freight.

  • Four-way lift access
  • Stacks covered, nests when empty
  • Removable pallet base can be replaced without replacing entire container
  • USDA/FDA-approved material

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Capacity(cu ft.): 29
Outside Dimensions(inches): 50 x 45
Overall Height (inches): 36.25 covered

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