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P-405 One Yard Tilt Trucks

P-405 One Yard Tilt Trucks

P-405 Heavy Duty and Standard one-yard capacity tilt trucks are rotationally molded from 100% polyethylene to deliver up to 30% more strength than many one-yard tilt trucks that rely on structural foam or blowmolding with polypropylene (PP). They're big, strong and waterproof.

Go the longest yard easily with our one yard tilt trucks

Our P-405 Series one yard tilt trucks handle up to 2,200 pounds of material and roll easily with ergonomically engineered designs and oversized, 10-inch wheels. Their rotationally molded, polyethylene construction withstands non-stop, punishing operation and is virtually immune to rain, snow, sunlight, cleaning chemicals. They also deliver up to 30% more strength than one yard tilt trucks molded using structural foam or blowmolded polypropylene. In fact, the tilt trucks feature 100% high density polyethylene (HDPE) as standard.

These latest P-405 Series tilt trucks set the rotomolded, plastic bin on a sturdy, powder coated, steel base atop two, 10-inch wheels with two four-inch, swiveling casters for easy steering. A powder coated, steel handle is set at just the right height for proper ergonomics. Both models nest when empty for low-cost delivery, space-saving storage.

Extra heavy-duty for extra strength, support

Our P-405 tilt trucks are currently offered in a choice of heavy-duty as standard or extra heavy-duty. The extra heavy-duty, one yard tilt truck features an extra heavy wall thickness and sets the plastic bin within a steel tube frame support. This extra reinforcement strengthens key load bearing areas to handle payloads to 2,200 lbs.

Hide your stuff, contain odors

Hide valuable metal scrap and other materials and keep odors inside. These one yard tilt trucks are available with an optional, rotomolded, hinged lid that snaps tightly around the upper rim. This allows access to the inside without removing the plastic cover. Flexible dust covers are also available.

One yard tilt trucks comes standard in gray.

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Capacity (cu yards): 1
Capacity (lbs.): 1,300 lbs., 2,200 lbs. EHD
Outside Dimensions (inches): 70 x 32.5
Overall Height (inches): 44
Inside Depth (inches): 37

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