Material handling

UN-, DOT-Certified Container

UN-, DOT-Certified Container

Our novel fastening system keeps the cover on tight even when the container is flipped upside down. UN- and DOT-certified P-291 container is shown.

Flip over this certified container and nothing falls out

Our breakthrough fastening system securely attaches the container cover to the container. Flip it over and whatever’s inside stays inside. In case of an accident during over the road transport or with a forklift, the precious, dry cargo remains inside and intact. This container system earned UN certification and DOT certification for the secure storage and transport of regulated and non-regulated materials.

Our proprietary system is shown on our P-291 UN/DOT-certified container. It comes with a rotomolded, plastic container and cover fitted with four, military-grade, side release buckles, and durable, waterproof, poly straps.

The rugged container stacked when covered and nests when empty.

See the standard P-291 bulk container here.

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