Electronics Waste Carts

Electronics Waste Carts

Electronics waste recycling just got safer, easier and more secure

The durable Poly-Trux® 54P and 50P series electronics waste recycling carts feature an optional, hinged, side panel that opens down to reduce the need to lift heavy, unwieldy computer equipment over the rim, then closes for secure storage and transport. An optional, lockable, rotomolded cover of waterpoof plastic available on select models protects the valuable phones, computers, monitors and other electronics scrap and e-waste.

The 54P and 50P series e-waste recycling carts also fit neatly three across in standard trailers to maximize space efficiency during over the road transportation and cut the number of trips required for collection and delivery. It measures a precise 28-1/2” in width and can be rolled straight onto and straight off of the trailers without being turned around. Outdated, 32” wide canvas postal carts still require unwieldy turns and awkward rotations to unload.

  • Payloads up to 500 lbs.
  • 21 cubic feet of capacity
  • Rotationally molded of weatherproof polyethylene in a single unit
  • Heavy-duty, CDX plywood base
  • Six, industrial strength swiveling casters on R recycling series carts
  • Optional paper feed dividers for grade separation on covered carts
  • Optional, ergonomic, spring-loaded platform inside

Get hip to HIPAA compliance

The 50P-16R and 54P-16R electronics waste recycling carts are offered with an optional, lockable lid to secure sensitive information like medical documents that may be accessible on the hard drives and other computer devices inside the cart.  Our sliding, hinged lid is ideal for health plans, clearing houses, health care providers, insurers, laboratories and other organizations that need to comply with the Administrative Simplification provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA, Title II) which requires the privacy of health data to be protected. It’s also useful for companies concerned about protecting the privacy of their data that may be left on old computer equipment.

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