Material Recovery Station

Material Recovery Station

The MODRoto Material Recovery Station automatically separates liquids from solids to allow both to be collected for recycling. This self-contained, solid-liquid separation system collects and accumulates a wide range of scrap, waste and recyclable materials using a proprietary screening panel that captures the solid particles while liquids are safely contained in the bottom until ready to be drained. When full, it may be drained and covered, hauled away and replaced with another unit or emptied and returned to operation.

It’s your cutting fluid – why not keep it, reuse it, and save?

For machine shops and other companies already capturing cutting fluids for filtration and reuse, the Material Recovery Station may be integrated into the existing recycling system. Drain the liquids on-site for reprocessing and reuse the liquids on-site.

The Material Recovery Station also helps prevent solids from contaminating the waste stream at the outset and reduces the burden on the filtration system. The liquids may be more easily recovered and reused while the solids are collected in a form that’s cleaner and easier to sell as marketable scrap. Our recovery system may be installed at one or at numerous CNC machines. That’s a green, waste stream diversion program that supports any reuse and recycling initiative.

Will it work in your facility? It collects, separates liquids and recovers metal, glass, plastic and other types of swarf, as well as plastic resin, rubber, and many, many other commodities for recycling. Call to talk about testing one in your facility.

Comes in a choice of colors including Royal Blue, above and Forest Green

Call 800.829.4535 for specs and to order.

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