ShipShape Bulk Containers

ShipShape Bulk Containers

Our ShipShape line of bulk containers comes in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Forkliftable, ShipShape bulk containers tough like a roll-off

The ShipShape™ line of bulk handling containers features a wide range of reusable, plastic containers. The rugged containers are rotationally molded from 100% waterproof polyethylene with sturdy corners and impressive rigidity. These recycling containers handle large loads of scrap, concrete debris, twisted metal, rebar, splintered wood and other construction and demolition (C & D) materials without cracking, puncturing or collapsing. They unitize loads (no pallets needed!) and can be picked up by forklift and dumped into a roll-off or transferred to a trailer – less manual handling of debris and greater safety and speed on the jobsite. Containers in different colors may be used to help sort different C and D materials on-site.

These plastic containers are often used in tandem with the 50P Series collection carts to consolidate loads for more efficient transport.

  • Stack covered, nest when empty
  • Cube out trucks and trailers
  • Smooth interiors for complete emptying
  • Easy to clean with common cleaning agents
  • UN, DOT-certified containers available

Our rotomolded containers deliver more strength than corrugated boxes and are lighter than wood and metal containers for easier handling.

The green choice for environmental stewards

ShipShape containers are reusable and returnable packaging. They may be delivered and returned numerous times, year after year after year, before being retired from service. And then, they may be cleaned, ground up and recycling into brand, new, recycled containers for hauling recyclables.

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