Sorting Carts

Sorting Carts

This sorting cart features three individual compartments to promote sorting recycle materials during collection instead of manually during processing. Office paper in one bin, plastic bottles in another and newspapers, magazines or waste in the other.

The recycling carts have three, durable vinyl liners to form each compartment with the strength to withstand glass bottles and scrap metal, as well as plastic and paper. The liners are set within a rugged, powder coated steel frame on a combination wood and steel base with an interlocking design that holds heavy payloads with ease.

When full or ready for transfer or pickup, the liners are easily removed from the cart by detaching a Velcro band from around the liner top. After unloading the material for recycling, the Velcro band is easily reset.

  • Available in 12- and 18-bushel capacities
  • Industrial strength casters are standard
  • No clips to fumble with or keep track of
  • Liners wipe clean with common cleaning agents

Call 800.829.4535 for specs and to order.

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