Recycling Case Studies

Recycling Case Studies

These recycling case studies and informative articles reveal how waste generators and recycling companies use rugged MODRoto plastic carts and bulk containers to move large, heavy loads of scrap and waste material safely, efficiently and with unexpectedly superior strength.

Scrap Container Success

MODRoto 50P-16S scrap cart features three, metal fork channels.

As featured in Recycling Today Thriving Recycling Company Eliminates Manual Scrap Metal Handling To Speed Processing And Accommodate Bustling Door Trade It’s Saturday at 8 a.m. and a line of two dozen cars, minivans, pickup trucks and other vehicles is already winding down the street and around the corner in an otherwise tidy if nondescript […]

In Tandem, Recycling Carts and Containers Boost Efficiency

As Featured in Material Handling Product News Nearly everyone involved in recycling is scrambling to maintain their profitability in the face of skyrocketing fuel costs. In an industry where most of the overhead is tied to the collection and transport of bulk materials, the recycling companies that pickup and process the paper, plastic, aluminum and […]

Choose the Right Casters for Carts and Containers

MODRoto 50P Series recycling carts are available with an optional, lockable, rotomolded security cover.

As featured in American Recycler You wouldn’t think of throwing away your collection truck just because it had a flat tire. But that’s exactly what people are doing when they throw away a recycling collection cart, bin or container just because a caster has failed. Whether the caster failure is due to an excessive payload, […]


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